BELOVEd Friend and Fellow Traveler,

What is your center point? What SUPPORTs you in feeling grounded? How do you maintain a sense of BALANCE in your life? If ever there were a time to find your center, it is NOW. Humanity is trapped inside of a pressure cooker and our only hope to RECEIVE relief is by DISCOVERing our collective center...a place where INCLUSION, EQUALITY, and REVERENCE is EMBODIED. Everything that is not BALANCEd within our collective CONSCIOUSNESS is heightened to an almost unbearable degree. How do WE navigate these turbulent times?

A key to much greater EASE is by DISCOVERing the still point within YOU. In the path of yoga, students are encouraged to find an unwavering place within the room to keep their focus on while practicing balance postures. As with everything in the yogic tradition, this is a metaphor for traveling life's journey from a CONSCIOUS place. The Libra New Moon emPOWERs you to FOCUS on what keeps you BALANCEd within yourSelf, despite all that is unfolding in the Collective. Perhaps feeling centered seems unreachable. I promise you, it is not. The experience of feeling centered is just a breath is as close as opening up your front door and taking a walk in nature...or PLAYing with children...or pulling out the art supplies and CREATING...Whatever it is, do and BE it, for as each ONE of US ALIGNs with our center, WE bring humanity closer to the EQUALITY that WE SEEK...

If you are called to hold HIGH VIBE space for the EVOLution of the Collective, I invite you to CONNECT with 'A Declaration of Interdependence' that was co-CREATEd by a Circle of CONSCIOUS DREAMERs. With the recent events in the U.S. governement+the upcoming election, this SACRED document is resurfacing to BE shared with all who are called to hold the VISION of a true UNITED States...

A Declaration of Interdependence

CoCREATEd by members of the SHINE Movement
November 2nd, 2016 (Self-Existing Moon Day 16, Kin 58 White Rhythmic Mirror, Year of the Blue Spectral Storm)

WE the collective family of humanity, in order to form a more perfect union, establish a foundation built on LOVE out of which WE generate, in the SPIRIT of cooperation, pathways of PEACE and ACCEPTANCE, nonviolent expression, and INFINITE possibilities for ALL living BEings; insure that all BEings shall BE protected as they experience TRANSFORMation and transmutation, in the process of BEcoming their most authentic Selves. As individuals and as a collective, WE will draw from our DIVINE MASCULINE and embrace our inner authority to protect and care for ALL BEings, in CONSCIOUS ALIGNMENT with DIVINE WILL; provide an ESSENCE of INNOCENCE, lacking fear and judgment, and ALLOWing our inherent INTEGRITY SHINE through as PLAYful, fun BEings making the most of our time on Earth; promote the HONORing of the DIVINE FEMININE and unique BEAUTY in ALL forms, toward working together in synchronicity by alluring diversity to UNITE unconditionally in LOVE and BElonging to CREATE a more beautiful world; and secure the BLESSINGS of LIBERATION to ourSelves and the generations to come... And so it IS...


Heather Elizabeth