"And when the night is cloudy there is still a light that SHINES on me...SHINE until tomorrow, let it BE...I wake up to the sound of music, Mother Mary comes to me,
Speaking words of wisdom, let it BE..."---John Lennon+Paul McCartney

BELOVEd Friend and Fellow Traveler,

For the second time in less than two years, I AM in the thick of what might BE defined as a 'natural disaster' that has been precipitated by the water elemental. Hurricane Harvey was my first initiation into this experience and just a few short days ago, the flooding in Central Texas became my second initiation. Although my homes have been in close proximity to the destruction, they have not been affected by the damage that countless others are navigating. In addition to feeling overwhelming GRATITUDE, I also feel a responsibility, or 'ability to respond' to what the deeper messages of 'why' WE are experiencing these 'disasters' could BE about. What are the elements and Mother Earth communicating to US about the state of our collective CONSCIOUSness? I will BE continuing to share over the Moons to come, yet am called to share these inSIGHTs at this moment in 'time' as WE hold SACRED space for ALL who are navigating loss due to the floods...

As many of you know, the literal floodgates were opened in multiple areas of Central Texas, impacting several of the major lakes in the Hill Country, including Lake Travis which is directly behind the Serrano Sanctuary. To 'OPEN the FLOODGATES' is a 'figure of speech', yet when was the last time that WE gave CONSCIOUS thought to its meaning? This week's experience of the POWER of UNIVERSAL WATER guides US to explore the symbolic reasons 'why' the 'floodgates are opening'... Our common definitions of 'opening the floodgates' are as follows:

*, remove the last restraint holding back the outpouring of something powerful or substantial.

*, remove the restrictions and controls which for a long time have prevented a lot of people from doing something that they have wanted to do.

*, do something which allows somebody to express feelings which have been kept under control for a long time.


Do you get the chills in CONNECTing with these definitions?! I sure do! Remember that WATER is the embodiment of FEMININE NATURE. SHE is LIFE. Her nature is to CLEANSE and PURIFY. This is in complete ALIGNment with what has been surfacing regarding the LIBERATION of the FEMININE ESSENCE from the shackles of misogynistic thought forms and behaviors that have plagued humanity for thousands of years.

As a Native Texan, I can safely say that the South is the 'final frontier' of the U.S. in terms of letting the old belief systems GO. The fear of change runs rampant and WE feel the 'divide' in visceral ways. It is no accident that the floods are occurring within weeks of the midterm elections...WE cannot stop EVOLution...SHE is RISING...the question is how do WE CREATE greater EASE and GRACE in the releasing of the old as WE BIRTH the new?

The FEMININE is about BEing...Perhaps, the 'doingness' is what has held US back for so long, for 'doing' often happens on autopilot, a knee-jerk reaction to what has been familiar, generation after generation...

Notice how WE immediately FLOW into a caretaking role in times of crisis...ALL of US, no matter gender identity feel an overwhelming need to SUPPORT ONE another...WE don't get caught up in skin color, religious affiliations, or political parties...WE see our common humanity and WE reach out our hands to another who is suffering...WE do this BEcause WE ARE THIS...TOGETHER, may WE DISCOVER ways to BE this for ONE another with each passing day...BEyond me, is WE...


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THE RANDI LIGHT EXPERIENCE – Episode 15: How To Be Grounded In An Uncertain World


Are you feeling unstable due to all the turmoil in the world? Are you disheartened with the division that is plaguing humanity? Do you desire to break free of the status quo of striving and trying to control what is uncontrollable? 

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Heather Elizabeth