Beloved Friend and Fellow Traveler,

What do you know about your ancestors that were alive during the time period of 1868? Well, believe it or not, they were the last human BEings in the United States to have witnessed what WE have access to TOMORROW, Wednesday, January 31st, when the Super Full Blue Blood Moon in Leo unites with a Total Lunar Eclipse! This RARE event takes place at about 5:30 a.m. CST.

An Eclipse is when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are in alignment which creates a PHENOMENAL reset energy for us all to connect with. Just as you would imagine, the Blood Moon describes the moon when SHE is a deep shade of red caused by the Sun's ray's peaking out behind the Earth's surface, creating a sunset effect on the Moon's surface. As I've shared before, this is the third Super Full Moon in a row, in addition to being the 2nd Full Moon this month. I was blessed to witness the Blood Moons that occurred back in 2014 and it took my breath away. I cannot encourage you strongly enough to behold the one tomorrow. 

We typically experience eclipses in pairs, which is true at this time. The next eclipse occurs at the Aquarian New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse on February 15th. When this happens, it is fondly called an eclipse portal or wormhole, meaning that the energies are supporting great transformation for you/me/WE, Mother Earth, and the Universe. It is an opportunity to truly tune in to your multidimensionality and interconnectedness with ALL. You may be noticing that things are feeling stirred up within you and within aspects of your 'outer' experience. Believe it or not, this is a really good thing! It is exactly what your Authentic Self or Soul has in mind for you and your path of EVOLution.  WE are all in the process of 'de-programming' the old disempowering ideas and belief systems which in turn creates space for what it is we desire for ourselves and our world from an empowered, heart-centered place. I am the first to share that this practice takes commitment and discipline. It also requires a great amount of COURAGE, RESILIENCE, and a WILLINGness to hold the highest vision for what we are 'dreaming' for our planet. Gratefully, WE have our Lion-hearted Leo ally to EMPOWER us to EMBRACE our FIERCE COMMITMENT to HOLD THE LIGHT. Even if appearances would say that things are not changing for 'the better', the key is to stay in trust of the process and avoid the lower self's tendency to jump into fear and resistance to what is.

When I was about 22, I participated in a rope's course in which I had to climb this very high tree, stand on this REALLY small platform, and then jump off and trust that the ropes would hold me and I would have a soft place to land. I stood up there for several moments with tears in my eyes, unsure if I could really do it. Now I realize it wasn't at all about the jumping. It was about trusting. In order to jump, I got to trust mySelf and Spirit that everything was o.k. I was invited to trust that I wouldn't have been led to that experience if I wasn't meant to have it. So I jumped. And for a few moments, I flew... and it was AWESOME! So, Dear One, remember that this time is a GIFT. A GIFT OF TRANSFORMATION. An invitation to fly! Here are some tools to keep in mind for the journey:

* Keep the body moving with regular exercise. Our physical bodies are shifting with these energies. Nurture it with nutritional food, hydration, PATIENCE, and LOVE.

*Create space for stillness with meditation, prayer, and focusing in on the breath. 

*Allow yourSelf to explore creative expression through journaling, art, music, or movement. We ALL are creative Beings with an ABUNDANCE to share!

*Connect with Mother Earth. Spend time taking walks, swimming, or napping under a tree. The Earth's energies are shifting and when we consciously connect with her we are able to stay grounded and feel how united we truly are with her and all of creation. Pay attention to the animals, plants, flowers, and trees that you are feeling drawn to. They have powerful medicine to offer you!

*Nurture yourSelf with bodywork, supportive guidance, and/or energy medicine. Now is PRIME time to receive assistance in releasing what no longer serves. You deserve the love and care you give to others.




Heather Elizabeth