Beloved Friend and Fellow Traveler,

Have you noticed that what you think about and give your attention to impacts how you feel? Have you experienced that if you continue to focus on something that is worrisome or stressful, over time you become physically ill, emotionally drained, or disconnected from your Authentic Self? On the flipside of that, I imagine that when you connect with people, places, and things that you feel JOYful about, you experience your vitality and exhilaration for life. WE ALL have experienced all sides of this equation, which supports the scientific theory that EVERYTHING IS ENERGY. EVERYTHING VIBRATES, including YOU, ME, and WE. As you awaken, you recognize the sacred practice of keeping your VIBE HIGH, and how that not only impacts you, it impacts everyone around you. In truth, how you manage your energy impacts all that is, because WE are ALL CONNECTED.

Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing more about this, including practical tips for tuning your frequency to an empowering 'channel'. (Hint, hint, getting into divisive political rampages is NOT it!) Attuning your frequency to a high resonance is ALWAYS a powerful practice. This is ESPECIALLY true as we enter the upcoming Eclipse Season, which will AMPLIFY whatever it is that YOU/ME/WE are focusing our precious energy upon. This Eclipse Season is incredibly SIGNIFICANT, so much so that I am guided to offer several opportunities to gather in CONSCIOUS COMMUNITY to support one another in aligning in a FREQUENCY of LOVE vs fear. Please see below for details about upcoming SOARING Through the Eclipse Season of 2018 Circles at the Serrano Sanctuary in Austin on Sunday, January 28th from 1-3 p.m. AND Sunday, February 11th from 1-3 p.m...   

WE enter this year of 2018 with HOPE-ful HEARTS, INSPIRED to begin anew. The Cosmos are answering our intent by hitting the UNIVERSAL RESET button just a few weeks into this new Gregorian year. The Leo Super Full Blue Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse occurring on January 31st opens up what is called an Eclipse portal or gateway into a highly expansive time of TRANSITION and TRANSFORMATION. Many Cosmologists, mySelf included, see the correlation between the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21st of 2017 and the acceleration of shifts within Mother Earth's consciousness through 'Natural Disasters' alongside the deep shadows of the collective consciousness that have come to the forefront of our reality to be healed. There is no denying the influence that the Cosmos and Mother Nature have upon our experiences as human BEings. The time is NOW to embrace the sacred connection that WE have to all that is, as we CONSCIOUSLY move through the next phase of our rEVOLUTIONARY journey.

As we shift from me to WE mentality, WE recognize the importance of gathering in CONSCIOUS community to synergize and energize! Creating the space to do so in preparation for the upcoming Eclipses will undoubtedly lay a pathway for you to flow through this time of GRAND RESET with ease and grace, feeling SUPPORTED and SAFE to rest in a place of trust in the unfolding of humanity's story.

The Circles will be totally UNIQUE in keeping with the theme of navigating the Eclipse energies from an empowered, HEART-centered place. Circles will include the following:

* 3 key themes to connect with that will SUPPORT you in staying out of fear and in the VIBRATION OF LOVE.

* contemplative practices of guided meditation, breathwork, and journaling to INSPIRE you.

* grounding and connecting with Mother Earth to STABILIZE you regardless of the shifts that may occur as a result of the Eclipses.

* a personal affirmation/mantra to EMPOWER you.

* powerful connections with a like-minded community and further development of your Spiritual Support Team to NURTURE you.

ALL participants will receive access to an audio recording of a drum journey and guided meditation especially created to navigate the energies of the Eclipses from a HIGH VIBE place. 

PLEASE REGISTER for the Sunday, January 28th 1-3 p.m. and/or Sunday, February 11th from 1-3 p.m. by sharing a $33.30 energy exchange for participation in 1 Eclipse Circle, (please CLICK HERE) or to register for BOTH Circles for a $55.50 energy exchange, please CLICK HERE.



Heather Elizabeth