Beloved Friend and Fellow Traveler, 

I know that many of us are at a loss as to how to make sense of all that is unfolding within our collective journey at this moment in time. It seems as if everywhere we turn there is another 'catastrophic' event occurring. For many, it feels as if we have entered an alternate reality, very foreign to the one that we are accustom to. Perhaps this 'new reality' feels incredibly frightening, unpredictable, and unsafe...How can we stay grounded amidst the turmoil? How can we trust that what is occurring has a benevolent purpose in the rEVOLUTIONARY shift that is upon us? In response to these questions and all the ones that may be weighing on your heart, I AM guided to offer a new SHINE Circle Series called: Discover the Bounty of Your Harvest. This is a 6 week online series whose timing is in alignment with the turn of the wheel of the Autumnal Equinox. We will be working with the medicine of this sacred time of the year to embrace the wisdom or 'harvest' that you have gained from all that you have navigated since the beginning of 2017. And it is no secret that you/me/WE have navigated an abundance of INTENSE experiences! I AM humbled, honored, and THRILLED to invite YOU to join this powerful gathering!

Please scroll down to learn more about this inspiring new SHINE program! Everyone is invited!


Infinite LOVE and PEACE,

Heather Elizabeth

P.S. If you register by my Galactic Birthday on Thursday, September 14th, you will receive 3 AMAZING BONUSES including a FREE Galactic Archetype Activation Intuitive Reading!!!

The latest SHINE Circle Series begins on Tuesday, September 26th. This is a brand new SHINE program that is inspired by the events of the last few moons, especially the 'natural disasters' that proceeded the Eclipse Season of August 2017. The intent of this online Circle series is to provide navigation tools for you to transcend fear, panic, and suffering and align with the bigger picture of what is unfolding in humanity's rEVOLUTIONARY story. I am offering this SHINE program at a reduced rate so that it can be available to all who are feeling called to the journey. All circles are recorded and will be available to anyone who is unable to attend the live circles. If you were on the fence about joining before, now is your time. Please note, I have decided to offer a limited number of spots to ensure an amazing experience for each participant. So if you are hearing the call to join, I invite you to claim your spot today. It feels important to share that no two SHINE programs are the exact same given the energy and dynamic of the participants, time of year and the powers we are navigating. If you have worked with me before, this offers something uniquely different. I encourage you to grab a loved one and participate together. It is life changing! Scroll down for more info and details on registering. Namaste, Heather Elizabeth

Discover the Bounty of Your Harvest 6 Week Program Includes:

• Six 90 Minute Group Sessions. One Per Week for 6 Weeks @7pm CST

• Private dedicated Facebook group for additional supportive energy

• Program materials

• Meditations, visualizations and deepening practices

• The synergy, power, and support of a tribe


***PLUS THESE 3 BONUS MATERIALS For a limited time

BONUS #1 - A 60 minute live virtual Activating Your Galactic Archetype Intuitive Reading (a $175 value!) The archetypal work that I offer comes from the 13 Moon Dreamspell lineage, which has its foundation in the ancient Mayan calendar system that seeded the potential for humanity's awakening to the natural patterns and cycles of creation. Similar to the mainstream path of astrology, within the Dreamspell, you hold an archetypal imprint based upon your birthday. As you deepen the knowledge of the profound intentions surrounding your birth, a clarity comes through that is unlike any 'knowledge' you have ever gained before. Your archetypal imprint within the Dreamspell is known as ‘Your face before you had a face’. This archetype is comprised of one of 20 tribes and one of 13 tones. Your archetype, known as a Galactic Signature, is a blueprint for your Hero/Heroine's destiny in this lifetime. While many of us are accustomed to defining our astrology map by one of the twelve zodiac signs, the Dreamspell holds 260 archetypes, creating a unique and enlightening portal into your Divine purpose and innate potential. While traditional astrology follows the Gregorian calendar system, the Dreamspell is based upon a 28 day/13 month lunar calendar year which holds the innate power of Natural Time. The 13 Moon Dreamspell IS a MAP OF SYNCHRONICITY. Once you step through the sacred gateway of Natural Time, your experiences of meaning and connection are never-ending...

BONUS #2 - 13 day PDF Program: 13 Practices For Shifting From Fear to Curiosity-This joyful and enlightening program will gift you the capacity to transcend fears, live in harmony with yourself and other beings, find meaning through signs from the Universe, be receptive to the Divine messages around you, live in balance and awareness, and SO MUCH MORE!

BONUS #3 - Uniting with the Divine Inner Child Guided Meditation and Drum Journey -  Heather Elizabeth guides you through a meditative journey that energetically shifts fear, disempowerment, and feelings of not being fully in control of your environment and the relationships and circumstances (political, professional, personal) around you into an empowered state of peace, compassion, and acceptance through uniting with your open-curious, wonder-filled, trusting Divine Inner Child.

TOTAL INVESTMENT FOR Discover the Bounty of Your Harvest 6-week online Circle series which includes:

√ 9 hours of live gatherings with Heather

√ Several hours of self-guided deepening practices and materials

√ An interactive private Facebook group with other members of this circle

√ A supportive tribe of new allies

√ Awakenings and synchronicities to serve your evolution

To claim your place in the journey, please CLICK HERE