Greetings, Dear Ones,

On this day of rebirth, I invite you to fully claim your LIGHT. In the midst of these stormy times that the family of humanity are navigating, you hold the key for true transformation. When you came in to this world, you brought with you an expression of Source that is completely unique to you. If you didn't have something vital to contribute to the awakening of humanity, you wouldn't be here. Yet, YOU ARE HERE

Although you may never fully know the difference that you make in the lives of your fellow human BEings, all other living BEings, and Mother Earth, never doubt that you ARE making a difference! When you align with your magnificence, you are literally raising the vibration upon our planet. You become a beacon of light within the darkness... This is what creates the change that you are desiring to see in our world...

No one can SHINE your light but you. May you SHINE brighter than the brightest of Suns! 

If you would like to gain empowering tools to support you to SHINE, please CLICK HERE to join the SHINE movement!

Infinite LOVE and PEACE,

Heather Elizabeth