If you're reading this offering, most likely you are a person who is seeking peace.  I imagine that you seek to experience it both within yourSelf and within our world. This movement for peace is perhaps the movement of all movements. We've been exploring how to feel peace and how to create peace for thousands of years. Countless prophets and sages have spoken about it, yet few have truly achieved it. Let's face it, it's no easy feat to experience this peace that we seek. We are bombarded day after day with both internal AND external messaging that goes against everything that peace stands for. Yet that glimmer of hope that peace is possible still flickers inside each of us...

Maybe you experience a moment of complete stillness, in which the mind is quiet, and a sense of serenity flows through you.  You catch a brilliant sunset, in which vivid colors sweep across the sky, and you unite with the tranquility of Mother Nature's miracles. You may experience peace in the laughter of a child, watching a butterfly take flight, or flowers blooming in your garden. Even within the darkest of times, perhaps a wave of peace washes over you as you surrender in to acceptance of what is, which might possibly be a most sacred path to peace. If you have created these moments of peace for yourself, that must mean that you can create more of them. For you ARE a PEACEMAKER, my friend. Although it may be a road a bit less traveled at this time, you can BE the peace that you seek. It is a choice that we make moment to moment, to choose peace. And I promise you, there are MANY that are making that choice with each passing day. Peace is possible...for each one of us and for our world. Thank you for taking a stand for peace. If you are yearning to join other peacemakers in creating an abundance of peaceful moments, days, weeks, and years, join us in the SHINE movement! Our next virtual gathering begins soon! To learn more, please CLICK HERE


Here's to your journey of awakening!


Heather Elizabeth