What does wholeness mean to you, Dear One? Is it something that you yearn to experience? Is it something that you are seeking for yourself? What if I told you that you already have it?? What would it be like to embrace the truth that you ARE whole EXACTLY as you ARE? Many of us have been conditioned to think that there is something 'wrong' with us if we are feeling dis-ease in body, mind, emotions, or Spirit. We immediately jump to the assumption that this dis-ease is something that needs to be diagnosed and 'fixed'. We generally seek out the 'expertise' of an outside source, forgetting that we truly are the one and only authority of the Self. I get that perhaps access to that authority of Self may be buried underneath years and years of conditioning telling you otherwise, yet it IS there and it is time to RECLAIM it!

We are remembering that we are brilliantly complex and multi-dimensional BEings. There are many facets to our make-up and they all work together purposefully to create this phenomenal experience of BEing a 'Spiritual BEing having a human experience.' You have a body temple to house your Soul, a feeling nature to guide and teach you, a mind/consciousness to navigate the world with, and a subtle energy system that resonates with whatever frequencies you are exposing yourself to. Each of these elements are precious and unique, yet they are incredibly interconnected in the most pristine ways. They speak to you through various languages, including pain and discomfort. Nonetheless, it is ALL information to 'Know ThySelf' on a deeper level. What would it be like to experience yourSelf from this Holistic lens? How empowering would it be to embrace your powerful complexity and explore the wisdom that lives within YOU?! If you are curious about the pathway of holistic healing and how it can change your experience of yourSelf and your life in miraculous ways, join us for the next 'Plotting Your Course' virtual SHINE journey that begins on March 23rd. To learn more, please CLICK HERE

Here's to your journey of awakening!

Infinite LOVE and LIGHT,

Heather Elizabeth