Greetings, Dear Friends,

Welcome to our second week of 'Wisdom Within Wednesdays'! We are riding the waves of the Aries New Moon and the fire is being ignited within us to take action! It's time to come out of Winter's cave and 'show-up' for yourSelf in ways that perhaps you never have before. May this video support you in taking a leap towards manifesting your dreams!  

P.S. If you enjoy the videos that I share with you, please know that they are only the TIP OF THE ICEBERG in terms of what you will receive when you join the virtual SHINE gathering. If you are feeling a nudge towards joining the SHINE movement, there IS a powerful reason for it. Those nudges are a SIGNIFICANT way that your Authentic Self communicates with you. Take the leap of faith! An abundance of joy, freedom, empowerment, clarity and SO MUCH MORE awaits you! To learn more about the SHINE program, CLICK HERE

Here's to your journey of awakening!

Infinite LOVE and LIGHT,

Heather Elizabeth