Greetings, Dear Friends,

I SO hope that this Equinox time is bringing a new found sense of purpose and possibility for you! I AM feeling inspired and empowered as I AM birthing several creative collaborations that I AM looking forward to sharing with you soon! This energy of rebirth and new beginnings is urging me to create an ongoing video series to share with you, my fellow travelers! I have received incredible support and wonderful feedback from the videos I have shared in the past AND it truly is a favorite way of mine to connect with you! Therefore, TODAY births the beginning of our 'Wisdom Within Wednesdays'. The intent for this on-going sharing is to empower YOU to tap in to YOUR inner wisdom and intuitive knowing. EVERYTHING you need to create a life of joy, meaning, and fulfillment is already within you! These videos will offer a peak into the energies that are present AND how to work with them consciously. How awesome is that??!! I AM super excited AND curious about how it will all unfold. Enjoy today's video and stay tuned for MUCH more to come! 

P.S. If you enjoy the videos that I share with you, please know that they are only the TIP OF THE ICEBERG in terms of what you will receive when you join the virtual SHINE Plotting Your Course gathering. If you are feeling a nudge toward registering and joining us TOMORROW, there IS a powerful reason for it. Those nudges are a SIGNIFICANT way that your Authentic Self communicates with you. Take the leap of faith! An abundance of joy, freedom, empowerment, clarity and SO MUCH MORE awaits you! To register for TOMORROW'S Plotting Your Course Circle, please CLICK HERE

May these offerings empower you to reclaim the wisdom that lives within YOU!


Heather Elizabeth