Greetings, Dear Ones!

What a power-filled weekend this is with our Vernal/Spring Equinox occurring early in the morning tomorrow, Monday, March 20th! The Equinoxes and Solstices are considered to be incredibly potent times upon our planet. For centuries, cultures across time and space honor these turns of the wheel with sacred intent through ritual and ceremony. Many of the power points across the planet where the various temples and pyramids stand are aligned to receive the 'light' that is gifted during this time. Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we celebrate the rebirth of Spring. This is a time to honor the gift of new beginnings. A wonderful opportunity that presented itself to me during this Equinox portal was to be interviewed by a dear Soul Sister, Sheryl Sitts, on her enlightening podcast 'Exploring Possibilities'. The first time she interviewed me was back in November of 2015. We both marveled at ALL that has shifted in that short amount of linear time! The podcast aired today and I would love it if you created the space to experience it! Please CLICK HERE to listen!

If you are seeking an opportunity to FULLY align with the rebirth potential that is present for us all NOW, I invite you to join us in the next 'Plotting Your Course' SHINE circle that is beginning this Thursday, March 23rd! Because this is such an auspicious time, I am extending the offer of the bonuses when you register during this Equinox window! May you embrace this incredible energy of new beginnings by saying 'YES!' to your potential to manifest your heart's desires! To register for the next Plotting Your Course, please CLICK HERE

Here's to your journey of awakening!


Heather Elizabeth