In all of the Spiritual exploration I have done throughout my lifetime(s) and what I have witnessed in holding space for fellow Seekers, a most significant and VERY stubborn barrier to all that we desire for ourselves is the ILLUSION that we are unworthy. To one degree or another, we are all carrying around the HEAVY baggage of unworthiness. We carry fixed beliefs that we are unworthy of love, unworthy of prosperity, unworthy of generosity...the list goes on and on. Wherever there is the baggage of unworthiness, there typically are matching sets of guilt, self-doubt, and a bit of resignation and despair sprinkled in for good measure. Now that's a lot of baggage packed for a trip down misery lane! Yet, we lug it around for years and years, and generations and generations. To try and unravel all of the reasons for its origins could take another lifetime, and honestly we don't have that kind of time. There is no more time to waste on buying in to illusions that may have served a purpose at some point, yet are no longer resonant for where we are headed in this moment of rEVOLUTION.

This is not to say that in hindsight, you might have done something differently. In hindsight, you might have not said that hurtful thing, forgotten that important anniversary, or broken that commitment to yourself or another. Perhaps, you might have chosen to be more loving, compassionate, and courageous. Guess what? That DOES NOT mean that you are undeserving of love, joy, prosperity, and fulfillment. It simply means that you are human. You are constantly making choices (both consciously and perhaps, unconsciously), and (ideally) learning from them. It's a primary way that we navigate this crazy beautiful human journey. A VITAL truth to remember is that you are WORTHY of what your heart desires. Can you lean in to this truth, Dear One? Can you reach out for it and feel the Universe/Spirit/God/Goddess reaching back? As you reclaim the truth of your innate worthiness, you will witness the manifestation of your dreams taking shape. With an open and grateful heart, nothing can stop you! If you are ready to dump the old baggage and claim your worthiness, join us for 'Plotting Your Course' that is beginning on March 23rd. Now is your time to SHINE! Please CLICK HERE for more information and to register!


Here's to your journey of awakening!


Heather Elizabeth