It is no secret that many of us are questioning certain value systems that are set in place within our Western society. Our current political climate is mirroring to us some very outdated and harmful belief structures that no longer resonate. We cannot turn a blind eye to the damage that is done when we place value on certain types of people while marginalizing and discriminating against others. The old expectations to make life choices based upon a certain standard that doesn't fit for all is causing many of us to 'go against the grain' and create a 'new normal'. Although this upheaval is quite challenging to navigate at times, it is a necessary evolutionary process. The old belief systems must collapse in order for a new evolved way of being to emerge. I SO get that is feels chaotic and downright frightening at times, yet please know that there is purpose in it. 

Dear Ones, today, Sunday, February 26th, is the Pisces New Moon and Solar Eclipse. As I've written about in previous offerings, this is a HIGHLY expansive time.  A beautiful way to lean in to what is emerging in this time of awakening is to tune in to what YOUR truth is. What do stand for? What are you passionate about? What supports you in living authentically? You receive information about what is resonate and what is not by your feeling nature. You can FEEL when you are in alignment with your truth or when are disengaged with it. I invite you to begin practicing REALLY tuning in to your own personal value system, as it is in the here and now. I get to share with you that is may not look like it did several years ago. It may not match-up with the value system that you were raised with. Your values as an awakening BEing may not be in alignment with the church that you once attended or other institutions that you have been a part of. Please give yourself permission to be o.k. with that and know that it is an aspect of growth. As a person on the awakening path, your values are being transformed into a reclaiming of the innate virtues of the Soul. This is the 'new normal' for an evolving humankind that is remembering that it is Divine. Embrace it and know that you are in very good company! If you are called to explore your Virtuous Self with fellow Seekers, please join us for 'Plotting Your Course' that begins on March 23rd! For more information, please CLICK HERE

Here's to your journey of awakening!

Infinite LOVE and PEACE,

Heather Elizabeth