What would you think if I told you that building and strengthening your intuitive knowing is just as important as exercising your physical body? I know, I know, that may sound a bit crazy or 'woo woo' to some, yet I promise you, it is true. You know why?? It is true because the key to living an authentic, courageous, and joyful life lies in being able to listen to and follow the guidance of your intuitive Self. Gone are the days of looking to sources outside of yourself for validation or direction. The time has come to 'BE your own Guru'.

The reality is that EVERYONE is born with intuition and a profound connection to the more subtle realms of existence. Most likely you were tapped in and turned on to this aspect of who you are when you were a child and then somewhere along the way, barriers were created to aligning with this gift due to societal belief systems and conditioning. Goodness knows, our intuition wasn't nurtured in the traditional school system and rarely were we encouraged to connect with it in any other environment. Perhaps that is one of the many reasons why people are so drawn to the inspiration of Hogwart's and the mythology of Harry Potter and his comrades! Have you noticed that there have been an increase in 'aha!' moments or 'coincidences' within your life experiences over the last few years? Perhaps you think of an old friend that you haven't seen in a long time and then you 'run' into them at the store or they call you 'out of the blue'. Maybe you have found yourself struggling with a decision about something and then you hear a quote or read a passage in a book that lays out the resonant path for you. These are examples of your intuition speaking to you. The mass awakening that is occurring for humanity involves more and more people having regular experiences that invite in a deep connection to this sacred aspect of who we are. The more you tune in and listen, you notice that the experiences increase and expand. This intuitive knowing can become a compass for how you navigate your journey to manifesting the life that you truly desire for yourself. If you are seeking a safe and accepting place to keep flexing your intuitive muscle, the next 'Plotting Your Course' series begins in just a few weeks! To learn more, please click here

Here's to the journey of a lifetime!

Heather Elizabeth