I was born in 1974, just a few years after the beginning of the end of the world as we have known it to be for thousands of years. The 60s ushered in a time of great awakening. An awakening of consciousness. An awakening to the possibility of creating a peaceful and harmonious world. An awakening to the need for unity consciousness, not only in the name of justice and equality, yet for our own survival as a species. The seeds of this awakening were being planted everywhere. They were planted within the words of great leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr., John Lennon, Gloria Steinem, and John F. Kennedy. They were planted within the lyrics and melodies of the music of that era. They were even planted within the riots and protests. The interesting thing about these seeds of awakening, is that they were planted within my consciousness from the moment that I came in to this world-perhaps before then. A truth that I invite you to embrace, in this very moment, is that they have also been planted within yours. If you are here now, participating in the unfolding of humanity's story, than you have the potential to AWAKEN from the slumber that humanity has been in for eons of time.

 Even if you were not aware of it, these seeds of awakening have been gestating for many years, and are beginning to push through the soil to reveal their magnificence and the potential of liberation of all that no longer serves humanity.  We are ALL feeling the immense power and intensity of the times that we are living in. No one is immune to the winds of change that are blowing through our world. The next phase of the rEvolution is here. As human beings, we were gifted the phenomenal power of free will. Therefore, we get to choose if we are to allow the winds to lift us up and give us flight, or like a fierce tornado, leave a wake of mass destruction in their path. Please remember that we all have this beautiful garden of awakening consciousness that is beginning to burst forth. The task at hand for each of us is to tend to and nurture this garden, so that the infinite potential that lies within the seeds can flower and blossom. Over the next several weeks, I am guided to share with you, my fellow Seekers, the elements of these various seeds of awakening. The time has come for us all to consciously grow the majestic garden within. From there, we shall witness the manifestation of Heaven on Earth. It brings me great joy to share profound tools to grow your garden, within a sacred community circle. To learn more about 'Plotting Your Course' that begins on March 23rd, CLICK HERE

Here's to your journey of awakening!

Infinite LOVE and PEACE,

Heather Elizabeth