Beloved Friend and Fellow Traveler,

Many, many moons ago, I came across an esoteric teaching that suggests that on a Soul level, we choose the circumstances of our birth. This possibility (probability) indicates that the what, where, when, and who are part of a blueprint for the Soul's intentions for coming into this life. For some, this may sound a bit 'out there'... For me, it resonated LOUD and CLEAR...From that moment forward, unraveling the mysteries behind my own personal Soul blueprint has been a JOY-FULL aspect of my journey. Several years ago, a calling came for me to support others in doing the same through the map of synchronicity that is the 13 Moon Dreamspell...

Within this MAP of MAGIC, today begins the 13-day cycle of the Yellow Warrior, known as 'The PathFinder'. On a personal note, it also signifies 13 days until my 43rd Birthday! This particular birthday marks the convergence of several cycles within my Heroine's journey. I intend to CELEBRATE IN STYLE and I would LOVE for you to join me! In the Spirit of the path of the Lionhearted Spiritual Warriors (that's YOU/ME/and WE!), I am going live on Facebook for the next 13 days on my business page, SHINE Heather Elizabeth. Each day I will be sharing one of the aspects of 'The Oath of the Spiritual Warriors' that I created for the handbook (see below for more details). What makes this extra fun is that I am traveling quite a bit over this 13-day cycle, so I will be sharing from several different locations with fellow Spiritual Warriors joining in on the conversation. The time is NOW to gather together to heal division by anchoring the frequencies of LOVE, COMPASSION, and RADICAL FORGIVENESS. It would be an HONOR and a BLESSING to have you join us!


Heather Elizabeth