Beloved Friend and Fellow Traveler,

On this longest night of the year, you are faced with a profound can cross the threshold of the 'ordinary world' into the 'extraordinary world', fully embracing the path of your Authentic Self, or you can remain entrenched in the mundane reality where fear, division, and self-doubt reign. Crossing the threshold does not promise immunity from the trials of the human experience. Yet it DOES provide a deep dive into the MAGIC and MEANING of your EXISTENCE. It assures you an abundance of opportunities to feel connected to all that is...because you are...It encourages you to DREAM SHINE BRIGHT...because you were born to...Leaving the ordinary world behind does not indicate abandonment of anyone or anything...On the contrary, it solidifies your commitment to BEing a way shower, for as you cross the threshold, your LIGHT creates a pathway for others to cross over as well...In the Spirit of this, know that the pathway is lit for you, Dear One...if you are reading these words than you are ready...I'll meet you there...


Heather Elizabeth