Beloved Friend and Fellow Traveler,

A profound cycle began one year ago today...whatever your opinions might be about President Donald Trump and the current administration, there is no denying that humanity by way of the United States entered a time of cleansing on November 8th, 2016. I often call the 45th President 'the wrecking ball', for he is a catalyst for the outdated belief systems that perpetuate fear and division to crumble, bit by bit...To say this is a challenging process is putting it is downright gut-wrenchingly heartbreaking ...destruction is is involves a process of letting go that we may never completely understand...Yet, amidst the wake of the string of tragedies that have befallen the family of humanity this year, WE have experienced countless acts of compassionate action. WE witness within our families, communities, and world a WILLINGNESS to LIVE AUTHENTICALLY, to SPEAK THE TRUTH, to HEAL DIVISION. Perhaps, you have caught glimpses of your POTENTIAL as you AWAKEN to YOUR LIGHT. This is ONLY THE BEGINNING of the TRANSFORMATION that is UNFOLDING...Dear One, will you join me today in offering gratitude for what has gone before? Will you LEAN IN to the BREAKTHROUGHS that are birthed from breakdowns? Can you IMAGINE HUMANITY as  LUMINOUS LOTUSES EMERGING from the mud? Let us flow into this next cycle with ease, grace, and HEART... 

Infinite LOVE and PEACE,

Heather Elizabeth