Beloved Friend and Fellow Traveler,

When was the last time that you celebrated life? How often do you pause to reflect upon what you are grateful for? With all of the upheaval and tragedy that has been unfolding in our collective journey, there can be a natural tendency towards feeling guilty if you are experiencing joy and pleasure when many are suffering. On the contrary, a beautiful way to honor those who are navigating loss is to squeeze every ounce of joy out of each moment that you are blessed with. Intending to live from a place of gratitude and appreciation IS what creates peace within yourSelf, and therefore peace in the world. Today's Full Moon in Taurus is holding space for you to put the art of celebration into action. Taurus invites you to revel in the gift of EMBODIMENT. Taurus beckons to you to cherish this precious life that you have been given through direct experience of what you find to be the inspiring and fulfilling aspects of having this human experience. Remember that the simplest of pleasures like a walk in nature, drinking a cup of delicious tea, or dancing to your favorite song can fill you with JOY. EMBRACE this moment to CELEBRATE BEing ALIVE...Happy Full Moon, Dear One...

Infinite LOVE and LIGHT,

Heather Elizabeth