Beloved Friend and Fellow Traveler,

 I received an incredible blessing yesterday that I am guided to share with you...Actually, WE received this blessing, because I know within my HEART that it is for us all... While I was on a morning run, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed something poking out of the sand. My intuition told me to SLOW DOWN and investigate what it was. I couldn't believe my eyes when what I discovered was an icon of a LION. My heart skipped a beat and chills ran up my spine as I felt the POWER of the message...The gift of the LION MEDICINE is an honoring of all that I/YOU/WE have navigated this tumultuous year of 2017. It is a recognition of the COURAGE, RESILIENCE, and DETERMINATION that WE have harnessed to navigate the challenges that have come to pass...WE are walking the path of the LIONHEARTED...If you are reading this message, I am speaking to you about you, Dear One. RECEIVE the BLESSING. HONOR your JOURNEY...


In CELEBRATION of this TRUTH, I am offering 25% off of a limited # of in-person 'Lionhearted Sessions'. This EXPERIENCE is designed to honor YOUR journey of 2017 while setting intentions for 2018 and beyond. Sessions are a blending of intuitive guidance and Shamanic energy medicine and are available until 12/31. *I will be in Austin from 12/26-12/30 and Denver from 12/8-12/11* To accept this offering, please CLICK HERE


Heather Elizabeth