Beloved Friend and Fellow Traveler,

Together, WE are traversing a PROFOUND pathway. Today, you are invited to pause and reflect upon all that WE have endured since the total Solar Eclipse on August 21st of this year. You are ENCOURAGED to HONOR the WISDOM that comes from grief... You are SUPPORTED in ALIGNING with an AWARENESS of the SACREDness of life that is gifted in times of loss... You have the STRENGTH to TRANSCEND any fears because you have a newfound sense of the human BEing's capacity to LOVE...As you enter this week of GIVING THANKS, lean into the lessons that have come from the initiations of 2017. Allow the lessons to be the WIND in your sails as you navigate your JOURNEY OF TRANSFORMATION...    

Dear One, to support you during this transformative time, I am extending the offering of a 50% discount on intuitive readings through Friday, November 24th. During the readings, we will be working with your 'birth sign' also known as your Galactic signature, to reveal the energies that are supporting you through this time of great transition. This is an experience of REMEMBERING innate gifts that you hold that are key aspects of your Soul. You will receive guidance and support in DISCOVERING how to embody these gifts to enhance your life experience. The readings are offered virtually and can be scheduled from now-January of 2018. As 2017 is coming to an end, this is a significant time for deep reflection and intention-setting. Creating the space to connect with your journey from a CONSCIOUS and elevated perspective provides you with the tools to navigate your journey from an EMPOWERED and JOYFUL place. To invest in this offering of 50% off of your intuitive reading, please CLICK HERE


Heather Elizabeth