Beloved Friend and Fellow Traveler,

With the New Moon in Scorpio occurring in the early morning hours of tomorrow, November 18th (Kin 179, Blue Planetary Storm 'The World Changer'), you are invited to let go of the reins of resistance to what is unfolding in your personal journey and that of the collective. This is not a process that you can move through with the linear mind. The linear (ego) mind wants to grasp onto the 'familiar' while engaging in a myriad of other conditioned defense mechanisms designed to create barriers to EMBRACE CHANGE. As you leap onto the path of awakening (which is what you ARE doing (= ), you recognize that the transformation comes from a willingness to dive into the depths of yourSelf. Watery Scorpio is an ally coming to aid you in the healing that is possible for YOU and the family of humanity at this very moment. This healing energy is being AMPLIFIED this Monday the 20th with a Cosmic opportunity to revisit the energies that were present during the total Solar Eclipse on August 21st of this year. We are all keenly aware that the Eclipse energies ushered in a time of reset like no other. Remember that with RELEASE comes REBIRTH. CHANNEL the medicine of the PHOENIX who courageously allows itself to be consumed by the fires of transmutation, so that it may RISE from the ashes to be reborn to embody its MAGNIFICENCE.

 Dear One, to support you during this transformative time, I am offering a 50% discount on intuitive readings from now through this Monday, November 20th (Kin 181, Red Crystal Dragon 'The Primal Force'). Through the readings, we will be working with your ' birth sign' also known as your Galactic signature, to reveal the energies that are supporting you through this time of profound transition. The readings are offered virtually and can be scheduled from now-January of 2018. As 2017 is coming to an end, this is a significant time for deep reflection and intention-setting. Creating the space to connect with your journey from a CONSCIOUS and elevated perspective provides you with the tools to navigate your journey from an EMPOWERED and JOYFUL place. To invest in this offering of 50% off of your intuitive reading, please CLICK HERE


Heather Elizabeth