Beloved Friend and Fellow Traveler,

My, oh, my, how 'time' is zooming by! Another turn of the wheel is about to commence as we celebrate Halloween, or Samhain as the ancient Ones call this mystical time of the year. We are shifting from the harvest time of Autumn to the darkness of Winter. This is a time for deep reflection upon the cycles that have come before...We know all too well that there is a great deal to reflect upon. 2017 has certainly been a year like no other. Through the trials and tribulations both personal and collective, perhaps you have gained greater clarity of what you stand for. Maybe the challenges of this year have strengthened your fortitude while giving you the necessary nudge to FULLY COMMIT TO YOUR AWAKENING JOURNEY.  As we walk through Winter's doorway, I ask you, Dear One, are you ready to EMBRACE the call of the Spiritual Warrior? When you say 'YES!' (even if your voice shakes), you are stepping onto the path that was laid before you ages ago. I AM thrilled to share that I have been guided to create an exciting Self-directed virtual offering JUST FOR SPIRITUAL WARRIORS LIKE YOU: 




This is a brand new SHINE program that is inspired by the events of the last few moons, especially the 'natural disasters' and acts of violence that proceeded the Eclipse Season of August 2017. The intent of this virtual handbook is to provide navigation tools for you to transcend fear, panic, and suffering and align with the bigger picture of what is unfolding in humanity's rEVOLUTIONARY story so that you may fully EMBODY the SPIRITUAL WARRIOR that you were born to BE. I am offering this handbook at a reduced rate so that it can be available to all who are feeling called to the journey. All of the chapters in the handbook include audio recorded meditations, guided visualizations and drum journeys, expansive yet practical content in written and video format, deepening tools to assist you in your path of awakening, and exciting bonuses.  Once you invest in the handbook, you will begin receiving access to a chapter in your inbox every week for 6 weeks!  Please see below for the flow of the handbook:

CHAPTER ONE: HEEDING THE CALL: An exploration of the Evolutionary Shift that the family of humanity is now navigating with an emphasis on 'Phase 2' of the dawning of the New Age that began on December 21st, 2016, shortly after the last Presidential election. You will be given key points of origin as to why the shift is occurring and what it is truly all about. You will be invited to consciously explore major transitions that you have personally navigated since the beginning of 2017 AND process all that has unfolded in the journey of collective humanity. 

CHAPTER TWO: BECOMING A STEWARD OF THE EARTH: Within this chapter,  we begin exploring the elemental energies and how they live within you. You are invited to honor the connection that you have to all the aspects of the physical realm, including your body, home, relationships, career, and of course, Mother Earth. This chapter is devoted to embracing the human journey through conscious awareness of what you are manifesting in your physical experience. You will receive tools and practices to connect with your 'roots' and embrace the 'medicine' of the Earth as allies for true alignment with the joyful potential of your human experience. This chapter opens the doorway to begin to embrace the 'armor' of the Spiritual Warrior which is the sacred chakra system. Aligning with the wisdom of the chakras enables you to experience complete wellness of body/mind/emotions/and Soul. Topics covered will include holistic healing, the practice of 'earthing', animal totems, and committing to your path as a steward of the Earth. 

CHAPTER THREE: WATER: THE RISE OF THE FEMININE: An invitation to reclaim the Divine Feminine within by embracing the element of water and what it symbolically represents within you. This chapter is dedicated to aligning with your creative, intuitive, and emotional Essence by connecting with powerful practices to enhance your connection to this precious part of the Self. Topics covered will include embracing the artist within, emotional intelligence, and trusting your inner knowing by inviting in the support of Divine Feminine archetypes. The Rise of the Feminine and the Healing of the Masculine are profound components to the rEVOLUTIONARY task at hand as humanity remembers that the necessity of balancing these energies are key to our survival AND potential to THRIVE as a species.

CHAPTER FOUR: FIRE: THE HEALING OF THE MASCULINE: An invitation to reclaim the Divine Masculine within by embracing the element of fire and what it symbolically represents within you. This chapter is dedicated to aligning with your inner authority, protector, and provider by connecting with practices to enhance your connection to this powerful part of the Self. Topics covered will include, claiming self-worth/self-acceptance/and personal empowerment as Divine birthrights, shifting from willful to willing, and calling in the support of your beloved heroes. 

CHAPTER FIVE: WIND: A MIRACLE IS A CHANGE IN PERCEPTION: An invitation to truly tap into the power of the Mind by connecting with the element of wind and what it symbolically represents within you. This chapter is dedicated to remembering how to transcend the traps of the lower mind by adopting practical tools to reclaim your potential as a multi-dimensional, limitless co-creator with the Universe. Topics covered will include mindfulness practice, the power of the 'I AM' statement, your power of perception, and calling upon your guides, allies, and ancestors.  

CHAPTER SIX: CHOOSING LOVE OVER FEAR: The final chapter in Part 1 of the Handbook creates space for integration of all that you have 'remembered' in aligning with the elements, strengthening your 'armor', and balancing your Masculine and Feminine energies. YOU ARE NOW READY TO WALK THE SACRED PATH OF THE SPIRITUAL WARRIOR. You will be invited to create a powerful symbol of your unique expression of the spiritual warrior that supports you to consistently respond to life's unfolding from a place of LOVE. You will be encouraged to CELEBRATE your light and feel the armies of SPIRITUAL WARRIORS that SURROUND YOU!

This Handbook is a LABOR OF LOVE FROM MY HEART TO YOURS. Because I know the sacred path of the Spiritual Warrior, it is a GREAT PASSION of mine to get this handbook into the hands and hearts of as many Seekers as are called to it. Therefore, I am offering the handbook for the discounted investment of $44.40!

If you are ready to say 'YES!' to BEing a Spiritual Warrior, BEGIN YOUR JOURNEY TODAY BY CLICKING HERE


May you journey well...

Infinite LOVE and PEACE,

Heather Elizabeth