Dearest Compadres,


I AM SO very grateful for all of the incredible support I am receiving regarding the rebrand of my business! Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking the time to visit the new site and share your experiences of it! This entire process has been so eye-opening for me in terms of what is possible when we lean in to evolution. It can be a bit daunting at first-perhaps even frightening-because of the changes that are required in letting go of the old and expanding into what is asking to be birthed. Yet, if we are willing to embrace the courage we have to look the fear of change in the eye and keep moving forward towards possibility, authenticity and joy meets us at the pass, embracing us and gleefully shouting, "You made it!" One of the many wonders of the Universe lies within the Cosmic events that nudge and support us towards incredible opportunities for expansion. Well, guess what?! One of these grand events is right around the corner! This Thursday, September 1st is the Virgo New Moon/ Partial Solar Eclipse and marks the beginning of a 2 week cycle that is called an Eclipse portal. Portals are doorways into powerful possibility for aligning with our heart's desire. They invite us to shift from the immersion of the dense frequencies of the mundane world into the lightness of the infinite. Eclipses specifically call in a time to reset or reboot. Just as we are aware that our computers need a reboot from time to time, well so do we! The Universe organically flows in this way. The Sun, Moon, Stars, and Planets are in this rhythm, and because we are a part of creation, we are impacted by these events. The key is to be conscious of them and embrace them as allies for whatever you are desiring for yourself at this moment of your journey. How awesome is it that you are conscious of it because you are reading this now?! Perhaps this a gateway for YOU to lean further in to your destiny! If you'd like to read more about this Eclipse cycle, please visit:


In honor of this monumental event, I am thrilled to offer a very special invitation for you and a loved one. Beginning on Thursday, September 1st through Friday, September 16th, the first leg of the SHINE journey, 'Plotting Your Course', will be offered at a 2 for 1 investment. This means that you and a friend, family member, or coworker can both experience this transformational journey together AND spilt the investment! 'Plotting Your Course' is a 5 session journey that holds sacred space for you to see your evolutionary unfoldment over the last 4 years from an empowered perspective. Through identifying tools and creating a personalized 'call to action', you will experience transformation and reclaim your rightful place as the Captain of your ship! To learn more about the SHINE journey, please go to: 

You get to experience this journey from the comfort of your home/office because SHINE is officially virtual! We will schedule your sessions via Skype or phone if you prefer. Please note that I can tailor this program to younger Seekers. It could be quite profound to share it with your teenager with the intent to connect on a more intimate level and call in tools to navigate the challenges of adolescence with more ease. 

Please feel free to reach out to me for more information and with any questions. Remember that this invitation will be available for a small window of time. If you are feeling the call, Carpe Diem! 

I AM wishing us ALL a most magical Eclipse season! Deep bows to each and every one of you.

In ONE Love,
Heather Elizabeth