Dearest Compadres,

As some of you are aware, a beloved member of my four-legged family, Luna Kitty, transitioned this past Friday night. Saying goodbye to the physical form of a loved one is always painful. Luna's transition was very sudden and traumatic and continues to be a profound initiatory journey for Jen and I. Many of you have probably crossed paths with Luna during your visits to the Sanctuary. She was a tiny tuxedo cat with a HUGE presence. She carried quite a bit of jaguar medicine and was a protector of the land. Jen and I adopted her as a baby kitten from the Humane Society 6 1/2 years ago. I feel that our animal companions choose us, and this was certainly true with Luna. She was overjoyed when we heeded her call to adopt her. It was as if she recognized us. It felt as if we had known each other before and perhaps made an agreement to find each other in this life. Therefore, I trust we will know each other again. Over the past 72 hours, I have been riding the tsunami waves of heart-wrenching grief, while experiencing moments of peace in feeling her presence in a way that can only be felt when a soul is liberated from the world of form. I know many of you have been walking this grief journey yourselves and I take comfort in how our hearts are connected in this most sacred way. Even in our darkest hours, we are never, ever alone. 

True to our transcendent connection with Luna, today Jen and I received news that we have been waiting on for several weeks. As of the end of April, Jen will be reporting for active duty Coast Guard in Corpus Christi. Serving others through the Coast Guard has been a calling of Jen's for most of her life and finally the stars have aligned for her to fulfill this dharma. These orders are what we have been praying for, and I have said more than once today that I feel Luna had a paw in their manifestation. We are still working out all the details, yet it is safe to say that I will be traveling back and forth between the Serrano Trail Sanctuary and a casita by Mother Ocean, whom I adore. Of course this means transition and transformation for A Path to Gnosis also, and I trust that all is in Divine alignment , as it always is.

Speaking of transformation, tomorrow is the opening of our Spring Eclipse portal with a Super New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Pisces at 7:54 P.M. CST. I have been writing about Eclipses for years now, thus many of you are aware that this is a POWER-FILLED time! This is a time for committing to the alignment of mind/heart/and will just as the sun/moon/and earth are coming into alignment. BE clear of your intents for your life and BE willing to fearlessly follow through with them. Our beloved 13 Moon Dreamspell map of synchronicity is in the flow of this energy, for we moved in to the Solar Moon of Intention today and begin the 13 day cycle of the Blue Storm 'World-Changer' power of self-generation tomorrow. BE mindful to stay grounded and connected with Mother Earth and choose to stay within your heart no matter what might be going on in the 'outside' world. If your spiritual practice has taken a back seat to other tasks, this would be an important time to place it at the forefront of your daily experience. It is easy to become derailed and rattled when the energies are heightened like they are with Eclipses. Remember that eclipses come in pairs, so this truly is an opening. This energy will be present with us for most of this moon/month.

 It is no coincidence that both our city-wide movement to raise funds for non-profits, Amplify Austin, AND International Women's Day both are occurring at the threshold of this Cosmic event. I recently learned that there is a world-wide gathering of circles of women in honor of International Women's Day tomorrow. This is an affirmation of the reclaiming of the Feminine that is BEing birthed within humanity; a most sacred and necessary step in our evolution.
To learn more, please visit: In honor of Luna Kitty and all the beloved four-leggeds, please join us in a very special Spring Equinox celebration on Saturday, March 19th (Kin 90 White Crystal Dog) at 4 p.m. at Yard Bar, 6700 Burnet Rd. Canine companions are welcome! Go to Yard Bar's website for dog park rules

We will be honoring our connection to all of creation, especially our four-legged brethren, with the rebirth of Spring! We will have a special blessing of our animals and an opportunity to create a memory rock that will be placed in Luna's memorial garden at the Sanctuary. Please donate to the Austin Humane Society or your favorite animal non-profit or bring food, toys, blankets, etc to the event and we will drop them off at the shelter. Our four-legged friends are SO grateful!

RIP Beautiful Luna Kitty

May ALL BEings BE liberated. May ALL BEings BE joyful. May ALL BEings BE prosperous. May ALL BEings BE united. And so it is...

In ONE Love,