Dearest Compadres,

I AM so very grateful for the outpouring of love and support from this incredible community. As grief and transition are aspects of the universal human experience, being in the throes of it can be an opportunity to be blessed with the knowing of how bonded we all truly are. Today, many of our Brothers and Sisters across the globe are experiencing tremendous loss and devastation. As we hold them in our hearts, let us choose to perceive the events unfolding in our world from a space of love and trust. As we are birthing the New Earth, the old structures are falling away. The darkness of fear and separation are being purged out of our reality. In times like these, we must call upon the courage and mightiness of the inner Spiritual Warrior/ Warrioress to stay grounded in the truth of Oneness. Remember that we are in the midst of the power surge of an Eclipse portal. Tomorrow, Wednesday, March 23rd, is the Libra Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse. Our beloved Mother Earth, Divine Masculine Sun and Divine Feminine Moon are coming into alignment. Each one of us are being called upon to do the same. Stay committed to your path of awakening. Know that you are exactly where you are meant to be. Remember that YOU have unique and precious gifts to share with the world. We are ALL teachers, healers, and beloved children of the Universe. BE LOVE for that is what you ARE. 

May ALL BEings BE liberated. May ALL BEings BE joyful. May ALL BEings BE prosperous. May ALL BEings BE united. And so it is....