Greetings, Fellow Dreamer,

My name is Heather Elizabeth and I'd like to personally invite you to reclaim your innate potential, embody your truth, and flow with ease and empowerment in your life starting right now. Imagine using the energy that surrounds you at any moment to tap in to your true potential and manifest your heart's desires! 

It brings me tremendous JOY to EMPOWER you to connect with and tap into the natural rhythms of Mother Earth and the Cosmos. The 13 Moon Dreamspell IS rEVOLutionizing the way that WE interpret the powerful energies of the sun, moon, stars, elements, all BEings and how WE experience the truth of ONENESS.  Chances are you have never experienced 'time' in this way.

It is my dream to connect Seekers like you around the planet to consciously connect with this ancient wisdom. With this knowledge, you experience harmony consistently in your daily life and with fellow beings, instantly uplifting and elevating the vibration of our collective. I invite you to begin living the life of your dreams! You are on your own Hero/SHEro's journey to remembering the truth of who you are!  Discovering the powerful archetypes that are a sacred part of your consciousness invites you to write your story from an inspired and empowered place. When given the opportunity to reclaim these significant parts of who you are, you are able let go of the old belief systems that hold you back and prevent you from BEing all that you are capable of BEing. 

Join me and other like-minded, high vibe, fellow dreamers around the world in ALIGNING WITH NATURAL TIME! A way to begin this journey is by 'decoding' your Galactic Signature. The 13 Moon Dreamspell lineage has it's foundation in the ancient Mayan calendar system that seeded the potential for humanity's awakening to the natural patterns and cycles of creation. Similar to the mainstream path of astrology, within the Dreamspell, you hold an archetypal imprint based upon your birthday. As you deepen the knowing of the profound intentions surrounding your birth, a clarity comes through that is unlike any 'knowledge' you have have ever gained before. Your archetypal imprint within the Dreamspell is known as ‘Your face before you had a face’. This archetype is comprised of one of 20 tribes and one of 13 tones. Your archetype, known as a Galactic Signature, is a blueprint for your Hero/SHEro's destiny in this lifetime. While many of us are accustomed to defining our astrology map by one of the twelve zodiac signs, the Dreamspell holds 260 archetypes, creating a unique and enlightening portal into your Divine purpose and innate potential. While traditional astrology follows the Gregorian calendar system, the Dreamspell is based upon a 28 day/13 month Galactic calendar year which holds the innate power of Natural Time. The 13 Moon Dreamspell IS a MAP OF SYNCHRONICITY. Once you step through the sacred gateway of Natural Time, your experiences of meaning and connection are never-ending...


In Lak'ech ( I AM another yourSelf),
Heather Elizabeth, Evolutionary Leader, Ceremonialist, and Visionary

I have been a channel for the wisdom of the Dreamspell for several years and have offered Galactic Archetype Activations to countless Seekers. The intuitive readings provide the framework for you to DREAM your life with your heart and mind wide open. Through a reading, you will gain awareness of the unique and precious ways that you hold the imprint of your Galactic Archetype. You will be gifted your personalized 'Galactic Birth Certificate' that will serve as a template for the reading. This certificate reveals the archetypal energies that were present within the Dreamspell the day that your Soul chose to incarnate during this phenomenal lifetime; your Dreamspell mantra; your Dreamspell compadres known as your 'Earth Family'; and the Divine Feminine archetype that is your Goddess Guide.  As a 'Modern Day Wizard', I align with the intention of BEing in full presence by tuning in to your vibration and what is asking to be revealed for your best and highest good at this moment of your journey. The readings are offered virtually and will be recorded so that you may revisit the information whenever you are called to. I AM GRATEFUL to BE BLESSED as a keeper of the beLOVEd lineage of the 13 Moon Dreamspell! To schedule your Galactic Archetype Activation, please CLICK HERE

'I AM a Planetary Wizard, receptive to the voice of Spirit that guides me, as I enchant and empower kin to embrace the timelessness of their soul and manifest their heart's desire.'

Abbie Cosmic Wind Pedraza, Owner and Founder of StudioPOP Indoor Cycling and Yoga and POP LIFE Business Coaching shares about her Galactic Archetype ACTivation.

I want to thank you for such an amazing reading! I keep thinking of certain segments and I just get warm and fuzzy inside. Just wonderful!
— Eneida Rhythmic Night, Corpus Christi, TX
I enjoyed my reading very much and it has catapulted my thought processes into a more positive hopeful direction and a feeling that no matter what, it’s just all going to be o.k.
— Val Electric Hand, Port A, TX
Thank you again for coming to see my Mom yesterday! She absolutely loved you and the experience. Generally, the day they leave, she is very sad. You uplifted her to a place of peace! We both look forward to some shared experiences with you in Austin! You have brought so much love and light to us-we are eternally grateful.
— Anastasia Solar Dragon, North Padre Island, TX
Heather is such an inspiring and supportive guide, acting as a powerful catalyzing agent of connectedness and high-vibe community. So much synchronicity has opened up since aligning with her message and teachings. I highly recommend her sessions to anyone seeking and/or exploring the path to higher levels of consciousness and liberated states of being
— Ash Magnetic Skywalker, ATX
Heather completed a Galactic Archetype ACTivation for me and my newborn daughter and, not only was it interesting and fun, it was truly insightful and helped me to understand some of the unexplained connections in our lives and the ways we both navigate the world. Heather spends time going through each piece of the reading and also provides take-home materials so you can refer back to the information over and over again over time. It is a valuable resource for us as we move through these turbulent times. Thank you, Heather!
— Traci Rhythmic Serpent, ATX
Please know that I consider meeting you and your magical wisdom the (bigger) gift! So glad that we are on this journey together!
— Sylvia Resonant Wind, ATX
I connected with Heather only a few short weeks ago, but the insight she has shared with me has been life changing. I am working with Heather in the area of the Mayan 13-Moon Calendar. I am learning how use of this calendar, instead of the Gregorian calendar, evolves our consciousness and puts us in vibrational harmony with the Universe. The synchronicities I have discovered through her work with me have been truly amazing. She is one of the most Gentle Spirits I know and every session with her feels like a warm hug... I have also had the pleasure of attending some events at her beautiful sanctuary near Lake Travis, and the sacredness of the energy there is profound. I give Heather my highest recommendation.
— Sara Electric Dog, Houston, TX

Imagine joyously navigating the energies of...

Full Moons, New Moons, Equinoxes, Solstices, Galactic Activation Portals, Power Days, Global Rainbow Bridge Activations, Divine Feminine Archetypes and more!

I AM Thrilled to share that the Magical doors of the shine wizard academy are now open! to learn more, please CLICK HERE


Welcome to the year of the white magnetic wizard!

Lunar Moon of challenge

Totem Animal*scorpio

friday, August 23rd, 2019 (lunar Moon Day 1, Kin 42 white electric wind)-thursday, september 19th , 2019 ( lunar Moon Day 28, Kin 69 red self-existing moon), year of the white magnetic wizard


Welcome to the Lunar Moon of Challenge!✨🙌🏽✨ Within the organic pattern of CREATION, this is the SACRED SPACE in which WE are initiated into the heART of polarities.☀️🌚 This step is so crucial that it is based upon a UNIVERSAL LAW.💫

For thousands of years, the masses of humanity have viewed ‘reality’ through a black and white lens of duality. This limiting viewpoint has kept US trapped in a consciousness steeped in blame, judgment, competition, and division. In other words duality=illusion of separation.

As WE AWAKEn, WE REMEMBER that ALL originates from Source.🙏🏻🙏🏿🙏🏽 WE come to this Earth🌎 School to learn through contrast. It is Ph.D. level SPIRITuality to hold the vibration of both your individuality AND your INTERDEPENDENCE.💕🌎💕 WE have arrived at a ‘time’ within humanity’s journey in which it is imperative to release dualistic mentality...The US against ‘them’ mindset has been the downfall of past civilizations...EMBRACE these next 28 days as a gateway to BE the stabilizing force in a world that is BEing shaken to the core.🙏🏻🌎🙏🏿🌎🙏🏽BE willing to seek the common humanity with ALL of your Brothers and Sisters, even if (especially if) they are unwilling to meet you there. This is the challenge, BELOVEd ONEs.💕🌎💕 I promise you, WE are UP for the challenge!

In Lak'ech (I AM another yourSelf)💗🌍✌💗🧙‍♂️💗🦋💗🕉💗🌟❤🌜🌊

Heather Elizabeth Planetary Wizard


your archetypal allies for the 13-day cycle of wednesday, August 21st, 2019 ( Magnetic Moon Day 27, Kin 40 yellow Magnetic sun)-monday, september 2nd, 2019 (lunar Moon Day 11, Kin 52 yellow Cosmic human) year of the White magnetic wizard

yellow sun ‘The enlightened ONE’

enlighten/life/universal fire

This 13-day cycle is completing the first Moon (Magnetic Moon of Purpose) of the new Galactic year of the White Magnetic Wizard. WE are NOW experiencing the RIPENing of an AWAREness of what the ‘PURPOSE’ of this cycle of our Hero/SHEro’s journey is about…

The archetype of the Yellow Sun, known as ‘The Enlightened One’, who holds the power of Universal Fire is guiding US through this POWER-FILLED 13-day cycle. With the SUN as our ally, WE are invited to CELEBRATE what is NOW being ILLUMINATEd within ourselves. enLIGHTenment can BE defined as a ‘willingness to see more.’ Are you willing to live from a place of ALIGNment with your Authentic Self? The flame of SPIRIT burns within your BEing. Allow this 13 day cycle of the Sun to be filled with DEVOTION to the LIGHT that is within you. As you are WILLing to SHINE your LIGHT, you INSPIRE others to SHINE theirs.

Call upon the Japanese Shinto Sun Goddess, Amaterasu, to EMPOWER you to RADIATE the MAGNIFICENT LIGHT that you are. You are as bright as the brightest of Suns. SHE reminds US that enLIGHTenment can come after traversing the darkness of grief and despair. As you REFLECT upon the initiations of your Hero/SHEro’s journey, ask Amaterasu to assist you in remembering that the “Sun always SHINEs after the storm”…


Witness the coming of a new time, where we become more in sync with natural cycles and Time is Art. Support the second documentary film in the series, Time is Art: The Frequency of Love, coming in 2020, Blue Lunar Storm Year.

TheSyncMovie.com/patreon  instagram.com/thesyncmovie and YouTube.com/thesyncmovie 


more about what you receive by following the 13 moon dreamspell

*BE guided through practices to cultivate inner peace and a sense of connection to all of creation.

*Discover meaning in every day.

*Imagine aligning with the Divine Feminine energy of the Moon, it ignites your passion, encourages your creative expression, heightens your intuition, and promotes your emotional intelligence.

*Imagine moving into the flow of the rhythms of Natural Time, which creates ease as you navigate though the continuous transitions of life’s journey.

*Imagine embodying the truth that Time is ART/ Life is ART!

*Imagine reclaiming your innate potential by uniting with sacred archetypes.

Robert Overtone Skywalker and Eden Self-Existing Skywalker, Founders of SkyTime and co-CREATORS of the 13 Moon Galactic Calendars.

Robert Overtone Skywalker and Eden Self-Existing Skywalker, Founders of SkyTime and co-CREATORS of the 13 Moon Galactic Calendars.

We are a small family business dedicated to the upliftment of our personal & collective consciousness. For over 20 years, we have been publishing and distributing Galactic Calendars that inspire and empower people to awaken our multi-dimensional nature as creative, cosmic beings. Our mission is to help people activate the magic of every day by synchronizing with the 13:20 Frequency of Universal Harmony. It brings us great joy to send our calendars around the globe, knowing that together we are establishing Galactic Culture on behalf of Earth’s positive evolution.
— Robert and Eden Sky of SkyTime

*I cannot encourage you enough to invest in the work of heART that is the 13 Moon Dreamspell Galactic Calendar through SkyTime. It can be purchased online by clicking HERE.

I AM GRATEFUL to share this work of heART from a BELOVEd friend, Cornflower Rhythmic Mirror and the ever talented Indubious. YOU ARE THE MEDICINE!



Have a question about the 13 Moon Dreamspell?

You can reach me at shineheatherelizabeth@gmail.com

To schedule your Archetype Activation, please CLICK HERE

I look forward to sharing this sacred lineage with you!

Infinite LOVE and PEACE,

Heather Elizabeth, Kin 114 White Planetary Wizard




In humble gratitude for the pioneers of the new time


It is with deep respect and reverence that I bow to the founders of the Dreamspell, Jose’ Arguelles and Lloydine Arguelles.  Charged with a most sacred mission of bringing the ancient codes of natural time to the collective, Jose’ and Lloydine held the light of truth and the vision of the possibility of peace for humanity. Through incredible sacrifice and discipline, they traveled the world teaching the Dreamspell and inspired countless people to reclaim ONENESS as our Divine birthright. It is because of them that these teachings are alive and well today, continuing to sweep across the world so that the dream of a peaceful, inclusive reality may be made manifest. In Lak’ech, Beloved Jose’ and Lloydine.

“The old ways are over. The aeon is passing. The solar age of the Sixth Sun of consciousness, the noosphere, is dawning. We are not I but we are one. We are in the new way of the cosmic Earth. The way of Earth is enlightening. I am one with the Earth. The Earth and myself are one mind. Not I but we-may it be fulfilled-the sacred circle and rainbow hoop of nations unified! May my life be the sacred performance of the art of universal unification! May Earth be realized as a work of art. By the winds that blow, may we become the dance of the sacred order of cosmic enlightenment.”---Valum Votan/Jose’ Arguelles, Kin 11 Blue Spectral Monkey

“Each one of us has to come to this balance. Each one can either be a masculine controller or a feminine receptor. With natural time, people become naturally more intelligent---following their joy, going where their heart takes them. What if everybody suddenly realized that time was their ally, and they could do what they really wanted to do? Tremendous fear from the control factor says there would be chaos. But our experiments say that people would find their way. Each one of us within our own hearts holds a ‘basic goodness’.”---Bolon IK/Lloydine Arguelles, Kin 22 White Solar Wind

To learn more about the history of the 13 Moon Dreamspell and the transformational knowledge it holds, please visit: www.lawoftime.org